Appeal to Investigators

Dr. Katherine Horton is appealing for experts to assist the work of the Joint Investigation US-Europe looking into crimes committed by the Secret Services and the vast global criminal architecture known as the Deep State in the US.

In particular, Dr. Horton is appealing for intelligence analysts, forensic experts, scientists, subject matter experts, researchers and private investigators to assist the public interest investigation and the court cases as expert witnesses. For this purpose, Dr. Horton requests the submission of affidavits and bundles of evidence.

Form of the Affidavits

Expert affidavits have to be made under oath and accompanied by a signed Statement of Truth at the end of the affidavit. The signature should ideally be witnessed by a person entitled to administer oaths. These are lawyers, clerks of court, someone appropriate at the local council, an employee at a bank or even at a post office in some countries. Note that a notary public is not necessary to witness a signature and a person entitled to administer oaths is sufficient.

Affidavits should be written for the purpose of being used in as many court cases as possible. This means that the header should not reference a particular court case, that should rather be left to a cover page added during the individual litigation. Within the affidavit, no references should be made such as “the litigant in this action”, “the Defendant” or “the Claimant” etc. in order to keep the affidavit suitable to all types of litigation.

A short summary of the testifying expert’s qualifications should be included as part of the affidavit and a short CV referenced in the document should be attached to the affidavit showing the expert’s past experience based on which the expertise is founded.

The testimony must start with the standard phrase for an affidavit under oath as dictated by your jurisdiction. This could be for example:

“I, [YOUR FULL NAME], of [YOUR FULL ADDRESS, INCLUDING COUNTRY], state on oath and say as follows. I make this affidavit based on my own personal knowledge, unless otherwise stated, and that the following facts and matters are accurate to the best of my knowledge.”

The affidavit must end with the Statement of Truth above the signature in this form:

Statement of Truth
I believe that the facts stated in this affidavit are true. I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct, and would be my testimony if I were in a court of law.

You can download affidavit templates for a simple statement and the witnessed version here:

Simple Affidavit Template (PDF) and editable OpenOffice file
Remove the yellow highlighting and square brackets!
WITNESSED Affidavit Template (PDF) and editable OpenOffice file
Remove the yellow highlighting and square brackets!

Topics of Interest

Topics of interest are for example (but not limited to!) the following.

Criminal Networks

  • organised crime and white-collar crime
  • government subversion and Deep Capture
  • control files, e.g. on public figures and corporate leadership
  • systemic corruption in all types of government institutions and private corporations

Secret Services & Military

  • Secret Service criminality
  • False Flag attacks
  • Gladio-style programs
  • covert mercenary armies
  • covert criminal government programs and black ops
  • mass surveillance
  • espionage
  • State-level hacking and government-run troll factories

Information Warfare

  • media and social media manipulation
  • shadow-banning
  • censoreship
  • violation of free-speech rights

Targeting, Terror and Torture

  • targeting and blacklisting by government or private corporations
  • harassment, stalking and terror campaigns by domestic Intelligence and law enforcement
  • defamation and smear campaigns
  • Directed Energy Weapon attacks
  • non-consensual implanting and bio-sensors
  • neurotechnology and neurotech attacks

Judiciary and Legal Process

  • judicial corruption
  • corrupt judges
  • fraudulent judgements
  • threatening, entrapment or black-mail of judges
  • bribing and capturing of lawyers
  • Bar Association corruption and cartel operations

Law Enforcement

  • corrupt police officers
  • blocking of investigations
  • falsification or destruction of evidence

Banking and Finance

  • financial fraud
  • corruption in banking
  • subversion or lifting of banking regulation
  • black budgets
  • theft of government funds

Child Abuse & Human Trafficking

  • child abuse and child trafficking
  • Satanic Ritual Abuse, Satanic networks and “human sacrifice” (murder)
  • human trafficking

Doctors and Hospitals

  • corrupt doctors
  • non-consensual implanting
  • medical trafficking
  • sabotage of medical care
  • targeted torture and mutilation in medical care
  • covert murder

Warfare and Genocide

  • psychological operations
  • bio-warfare
  • electromagnetic warfare
  • weaponisation of environmental factors
  • genocide, covert genocide, economic genocide and statistical genocide

Attacks on Experts and Witnesses

  • attacks and intimidation of witnesses
  • covert murder and elimination of witnesses
  • attacks on investigators and experts
  • personal testimonies about targeting

Use of the Material

Material submitted is to be used for court cases in jurisdictions in Western Europe, the United States and the British Commonwealth with the goal of shutting down the international crime syndicate that is subverting nations around the world and avert the covert global genocide that is currently under way.

Furthermore, the aim it to obtain financial compensation for the victims, as well as procuring court orders for the release of information for the prevention of further crimes and of information relevant to the health and survival of the victims.

The precise nature of the court orders sought is dependent on the litigation that the affidavits are used in. In targeting cases, this could be for example information on the precise bio-warfare agents set loose on victims, the type and make of biosensors and nanotechnology put into victims’ body without their consent, ways to remove those and long-term health effects. Court orders are also necessary to obtain the identity of covert assassins trained in targeted murder and the use of stealth weapons in our communities, as well as the identity of all those who aided and abetted the crimes or actively covered them up.

The material submitted should be such that it can be published freely online without redaction. This is so that all affidavits can be compiled into an online archive of affidavits that is freely available to litigants who wish to use it as supporting evidence and to the general public who wish to inform themselves about the crimes affecting their life.

Goal of the Expert Affidavit Collection

Past litigation shows that it can be extremely difficult, laborious and expensive to obtain expert testimonies for individual court cases. At the same time, we are faced with proliferating criminality that is exploding exponentially around us. This is the incentive behind the collection of publicly accessible expert affidavits that can be downloaded free of charge and used as supporting evidence in litigation.

The aim is to build an archive for download containing all the relevant expert affidavits, references and pertinent evidence to cite in court in order to argue and prove the different aspect of modern criminality. The motivation is to collect all that court-actionable information on all aspects of the criminality in one place with easy access for litigants and other expert witnesses who would like to cite pertinent facts in their court cases.

Due to the close similarity and overlap in many court cases, expert witnesses can often recycle parts of past testimonies that testify about general facts or detailed information that affects a large number of cases. The idea is to give fast and free access to those for all litigants and other court experts who wish to cite those facts. The ultimate goal is to move the prosecution of criminals forward with greater speed and at much reduced cost.

Examples of expert testimonies can be found in the affidavit collection on Dr. Katherine Horton’s site. This collection is in the process of being expanded and compiled into a large archive for the Joint Investigation and the upcoming court cases.

Support Network of Expert Witnesses

Along with the collection of affidavits, the goal is to establish a support network for expert witnesses and top researchers who are investigating global organised crime and Secret Service criminality.

As most investigators know from personal experience, honest expert testimonials are absolutely vital for court cases and the protection of humanity. Yet, it is also extremely dangerous work for the individual experts who often put their professional career as well as the life and health of their family and friends on the line, with little to no support from law enforcement and government.

The collection of expert testimonials aims to acquaint the leading field experts with each other’s work so that they can cross-reference it in court and support each other in the process. The guiding principle is to form an impermeable closed front of irrefutable evidence against the criminals in court, covering all bases with the best-in-class analysis and unshakeable evidence.


Experts should be preparted to testify pro bono without remuneration.

That is because, as a result of the Deep Capture of the judicial system by the very same criminal network under investigation, it can be impossible to obtain compensation for expert witnesses who support litigants against state-level organised crime. This status quo is expected to change once enough expert witnesses exert pressure on the judicial system in a concerted way.