The Joint Investigation Team (JIT) was founded by Dr. Katherine Horton at the start of 2017 to counteract the refusal of the police in the US and Europe to investigate crimes involving directed energy weapons and military neuro/biotechnology. The Team comprises 5 core experts who all have personal experience of assaults with directed energy weapons and military neuro/biotechnology. Behind the scenes, the team is also working with microwave weapons experts, former intelligence agents, and medical professionals to advance the investigation.

Dr. Katherine Horton, Switzerland
Founder and Leader of the Joint Investigation Team
High Energy Physicist and Expert on Complex Human Systems


  • DPhil in Particle Physics, MPhys 1st class, University of Oxford
  • Particle Physicist at CERN and DESY
  • Research Fellow at St John’s College, University of Oxford
Melanie Vritschan, Belgium
Investigator and Events Manager for the Joint Investigation Team
Founder of ICATOR, Expert on Civil Rights & Military Neuro/Biotechnology


  • Communications Manager of EGNOS satellites of European Space Agency
  • Working with European Commission & European Parliament for 20 years
  • Fluent in German, English, French, Spanish, Italian & basic in Dutch

Who-is-Who for download

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